Infrared Water Leak Detection Services for Boise Buildings

Quite often, water damage occurs in residential and commercial properties because of inaccurate leak detection. Some leaks go undiscovered during visual inspection and are not fixed until standing water is found at the source.

At Leak Masters, we use the latest technologies to make sure that no leak goes undetected and untreated. One of our methods is thermal imaging leak detection. We offer infrared water leak detection services in Boise, WA where thermal imaging cameras are used to detect temperature differences between different surfaces. The thermal imaging results find colder and warmer areas to help identify the source of a leak.

Our technicians are well-trained in the use of infrared water leak detection tools. They can utilize the modern thermal imaging leak detection technology to find leakages:

  • Behind walls
  • Under floors
  • In ceilings
  • Under exterior siding boards

Call us for infrared water leak detection in your Boise building and have your leak repaired before extensive harm is done.

How Does Infrared Water Leak Detection Work?

The water leak detection system works in a very fast and non-invasive manner. The thermal imaging equipment detects and measures variations in surface temperatures that the naked eye fails to observe. With our infrared moisture detection method, our plumbers can locate leaks in places that do not even show physical evidence of water damage.

We can also track how far the damage extends.
Calling us for infrared water leak detection on your Boise property is the right choice when you:

  • Are frustrated with leaks with no visible source
  • Want a leak detected without ripping out floors, walls, etc.
  • Need to get a large area checked for leaks in a short time

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection for Boise Homes & Businesses

Have you been living with a seemingly minor leakage problem, postponing its detection and repair? Are you put off by the thought of a plumber digging up your yard or tearing down the walls to find the leak?

Stop fretting! Our thermal imaging leak detection services in Boise are the perfect solution to your dilemma. We get your leakage problem resolved in no time, without you having to evacuate the property during the job or spending needlessly on property restoration later on.

Better yet, you will find our thermal imaging leak detection services for you in Boise to be:

  • Quick
  • Well-organized
  • Hassle-free
  • Affordable

Are you thinking of getting thermal imaging leak detection done on your Boise property? Call Leak Masters at (208) 818-5055 for a free consultation and cost estimate.

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