Slab Leak Detection DuPont

The foundation of any residential or commercial property should stay strong for many decades. However, leaks under the foundation often create a huge nuisance which demands a quick solution. For time likes these you need professional slab leak detection services for your DuPont, WA properties.

Identifying a leak prematurely does not just reduce damage but also saves you money. Leak Masters is an established and reputable name in the industry that specializes in detecting hard to find leaks. Reach us if you need reliable and precise services for detecting a water leak under a slab. Some signs suggesting a foundation leak include:

  • Spike in water bills
  • Water puddles
  • Mold and mildew
  • Low water pressure

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to schedule us for a quick slab leak detection job in the DuPont area.

Slab Leak DuPont

Foundation leaks are hidden and often hard to detect. This is why we suggest either being on the lookout for various signs or scheduling for regular leak inspections. However, no leak is hard to find with proper professional help. Slab leak detection is one of our strengths as our technicians are trained to identify leaks quickly.

We incorporate modern and efficient slab leak detection technology like:

  • GPR(Ground Penetration Radar)
  • Infrared inspections
  • Tracer gas
  • Analysis through computers

Such modern equipment and technology helps us find the hidden leaks as well as future potential leak spots. You can count on us for detailed and precise slab leak detection at your DuPont residential or commercial property. We assure you, we will find leaks quickly and with minimal disruption to your property.

Leak Detector DuPont

Do you know how to detect a water leak under a slab? No? Such leaks are hidden from naked eyes and need services of a trained leak detector. If you are in need of services by a reliable leak detector for your DuPont property, make us your first call.

Anytime you call us to investigate a foundation leak, we will send over a leak detector who is:

  • extremely professional
  • vastly experienced and skilled
  • well versed with modern tools and time tested techniques

Once you call us, we take over all your stress so you can have the utmost peace of mind that you deserve. Our leak detector will find leaks quickly and provide you with a detailed analysis so you can plan for immediate solutions.

Call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183 for the services of our skilled leak detector in the DuPont area.

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