State-of-the-Art Leak Detection Techniques for Camano Island Property

We are specialists in residential, commercial and industrial leak detection methods using latest state-of-the-art techniques.

Through the use of our advanced technology, from correlation equipment to ground penetrating radar and infrared surveys, we provide:

  • Detection services for basements and roofs
  • Timely and accurate underground detection and pool leaks
  • Energy audits
  • Home and commercial business inspections
  • Pipe and utility locating services and infrared surveys

Our leak detection service is non invasive and accurate in detecting any type of fluid leak that may cost thousands of dollars in lost utilities or damage annually.

Call us for the most modern water leak detection services for commercial businesses, residential home owners and all industries in the Camano Island area.

Full Service Water Leak Detection Company Serving Camano Island

As a professional full-service water leak detection company, we blend our latest technology services and expert specialists with state-of-the-art equipment to detect hidden leaks that can save literally millions of dollars in water loss and costly property damage and destruction.

Through the use of our leak detection service we can:

  • Detect water leaks including their origin such as roofs and basements
  • Locate leaks in plumbing pipes
  • Locate leaks in water service lines

We also provide professional infrared building inspections for evaluation of structure leak sources for building owners, inspectors, realtors, architects and contractors in the Camano Island area.

Call and speak with one of our trained specialists to find the best solution for your leak problems before they cause extensive damage.

Leak Detection Services for Camano Island Home & Business Property

Prolonged hidden leaks that are undetected can increase utility costs, lower property values, and create costly repairs.

Through the use of our non-invasive leak detection service we can investigate and locate any type of fluid leak, including sewer lines, pipeline and slab leaks, and identify its origin.

The following is a partial list of our specific services relating to water leak detection, pipe locating and infrared inspections:

  • Leak locating in water service lines and lines from well heads to houses
  • Pipe locating
  • Infrared inspections of roofs and walls
  • Ground penetrating radar for viewing objects embedded within the subsurface
  • Locating a water leak under slab concrete
  • Utility locating gas, electric, sewer and telephone
  • Energy audits

Call Leak Masters for professional leak detection service in the Camano Island area to locate and identify the origin of leaks before they create costly damage. (206) 593-3183

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