Slab Leak Normandy Park

Slab or foundation leak refers to water or sewer leakage that happens underneath the concrete slab on which a building is constructed. Like all other piping, pipes below the foundation can crack due to reasons like aging, poor quality, and ground shifting.

A crack will lead to a plumbing leak that is difficult to detect but can cause serious property damage if it goes untreated.

Watch for indications of foundation leak in your Normandy Park, WA area property and call Leak Masters without delay for slab leak detection services so that the solid concrete base of your building does not erode. Moisture or mold buildup under the carpets, cracks appearing along the floor or walls and a sudden increase in water bills are slab leak symptoms.

We are the leading slab leak detection expert serving the Normandy Park area, reputed for delivering services that are:

  • Prompt
  • Non-invasive
  • Accurate and efficient
  • Thoroughly professional

Slab Leak Detection Normandy Park

Foundation leakages are among the plumbing problems that demand immediate attention and cannot be put off. Leaky pipes lie hidden from view and, when discovered, the leak is likely to have already done a lot of damage.

It is also important to call the right professionals for slab leak detection in your Normandy Park area property. As experienced specialists in residential, commercial, and industrial leakage detection, we are the ideal people to call when you suspect that there is a leak eating away your concrete slab foundation.

We use a non-intrusive process using ultrasonic and infrared scanning technologies to provide foundation leak detection without:

  • Guesswork or trial and error attempts
  • Ripping out portions of the slab
  • Leaving the property in need of extensive repair or restoration

Normandy Park Foundation Leak

Accurate detection of the exact source of a foundation leak is the critical first step towards the repair of the leaky pipe. We understand this provide high-quality services for locating foundation leak in Normandy Park area properties.

We appreciate that the home or business owners who hire our services count on us to find their slab leaks correctly so that these can be fixed before they cause further property damage. Our technicians who handle foundation leak detection jobs:

  • Are highly experienced
  • Know how to detect a water leak under a concrete slab
  • Use cutting-edge under slab leak detection equipment

Call (206) 593-3183 to schedule a slab leak detection job in the Normandy Park area with Leak Masters.

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