Slab Leak Detection Kent

A water leak, whether over or under the slab cannot be ignored as there is not just a waste of water, but structural damage as well. You need to call in an expert leak detector to locate the leak under slab or foundation.

Count on Leak Masters for any slab leak detection services in Kent, WA. Serving as an experienced leak detector in Kent we have seen that the there are a variety of reasons for the leakage under the slabs. Usually the water leak under the slab is due to the following:

  • Pre-damage and poor installation
  • Foundation or ground shift
  • Abrasion
  • Corrosion

Trust our qualified leak detector personnel as they are fully equipped with the proper under slab leak detection equipment. Our high-tech and advanced equipment allows slab leak detection without digging the ground.

Slab Leak Kent

The slab leak detector might face problems in finding the leaks due to the presence of several obstacles in and around the house. These could include various flooring materials as well as structural obstacles like water pipes, drains, and other utilities. The company that you choose must know how to locate a water leak under a slab and have the ability to:

  • Understand the obstacles
  • Ability and experience to use tracer gases
  • Interpret the pipe locations to find the leak locations

Let us offer you our slab leak detection services in Kent and help you get rid of problems like structural damage, mold and mildew growth, and damp floors. Finding the leak under the slab as early as possible can save a lot of money on renovation.

Leak Detector Kent

The success of timely slab leak detection is dependent upon the experience of the leak detector. While the use of the right equipment is essential, an experienced leak detector would be able to find the leak just by looking at the signs as well.

Count on us to be your leak detector in Kent as we:

  • Are well experienced
  • Have the proper equipment
  • Never delay our work
  • Offer affordable and competitive pricing

Determining the exact location and the extent of a leak is essential to begin the renovation or repair work. A leak detector should not rely on guess work, but on real scans and reports to get the repairs done.

Do you have a leak somewhere and need slab leak detection in Kent? Call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183.

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