What is Municipal Leak Detection?

Leak detection for municipal groups like city water and utilities is becoming increasingly important. As many cities face aging pipelines and water supplies, leaks are becoming more frequent and more costly. Finding and fixing leaks is a great way to conduct preventative maintenance and identify the most pressing issues for repair. Through the use of advanced technologies such as ground penetrating radar and computer correlation we can analyze city water mains. Utilizing this technology we are able to survey and map entire water systems and let cities make informed choices on repair prioritization.

Municipal Services:

  • Locate leaks in water mains in city streets, both main and lateral lines to any building
  • Complete surveys of water systems for small and large water districts
  • Leak locating on fire supply lines
  • Fire hydrants leak inspections
  • Find & locate buried tanks and drums
  • Under ground radar surveys to locate utilities
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Case Study – Carnation, WA

“Tolt Chalet water Association in Carnation Washington had called me to locate a leak in their water system that was causing the pumps to run full time and some of the homes in the system to not have any water pressure and others no water at all. They have a small system of about 12 homes on it, the total footage is around 4000 feet of main line pipe. The system is around 40 years old. Their pumps would never shut off, they had done an inspection of the system themselves and could not find any issues that would cause this problem, so they hired Leak Masters to locate the leak.”

“We started with a map of the area and did a systematic search of the main lines with our high tech ultra sonic listening devices. I did find some small leaks in the main line. After a full day of searching we found an area under an abandoned home that was bank owned and locked up. This home sat up the hill from the main line about 50 yards. It was difficult to locate the main line as it was poly material. We used our equipment for the leak detection and determined that this home had a very loud leak noise coming from inside of it. The Tolt Chalet Water Association finally found access to the home and in the dirt under the home they found a very large leak of around 15 gallons per minute in the main line. They dug it up and did a repair on it.”

“This leak on this one home was using 900 gallons per hour and over 27,000 gallons per month. Many people in the system did not even have water during this leak on the broken main line. The main pumps did not shut off until this leak was repaired. The pumps had run for over a month 24/7 without shutting down. The estimated loss of water was around $4000.00. But the big loss would have been to the structure of the home if the leak was not found and fixed. If this leak would have gone on any longer it could have compromised the integrity of the home and that could have resulted in a loss over $200,000 dollars. We found the leak in one day, and saved the Tolt Chalet Water Association a new pump for the water system that would have cost $9,000 to have it installed and a $200,000 dollar home that would have been destroyed with the leak. They are up and running and the pumps shut off as normal, and the home was saved. Water pressure is up in the system and all of the homes are in good shape.”

The Leak Masters Guarantee

At Leak Masters, we take our job seriously and commit to a 100% effort for each and every customer. While we can’t guarantee we will find every single leak, we can guarantee we will go the extra mile and we won’t leave you hanging. We often find the leak you were looking for plus some additional items for repair. As part of our extended level of service, we are happy to report these extra items – and we don’t get any extra money or charge you more if its on the same job. Leak Masters professionals are the industry experts at Leak Detection, and we have no vested interest in fees from repair or supplies. Our goal is to help you find problems and potential issues fast, to save you money so you can get repairs started before more damage is done.