Pipeline Leak Detection


What is a Pipeline Leak Detection Specialist?

Pipeline leak detection is an essential aspect of properly maintaining a pipeline system or structure. Professionals trained to operate complex leak detection and inspection equipment have the know-how to find leaks, lines, and potential problem situations – quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Uses of Pipeline Leak Detection

  • Leaks in water mains in city streets, both main and lateral lines to any building
  • Leaks on fire supply lines or fire hydrants
  • Leaks from buried tanks and drums
  • Line locations of utilities like water, sewer, electric and gas
  • Leaks in sewer lines
  • Leaks in sprinkler and irrigation systems
  • Hidden Leaks under concrete, pavement or in walls

How Does Pipeline Leak Detection Work?

The most skilled pipeline leak detection professionals rely on the latest technology and the best quality equipment available to assist their operations in the field. In order to trace pipelines, supply lines, and other systems; the combination of existing drawings and blueprints with on premises detection tools is often required. In some cases, visual probes and in-pipe cameras are part of the location and detection solution. Other commonly used tools of the trade include specially designed ground probes, frequency sensitivity computers, and other highly specialized listening and leak detection equipment.

With these tools, pipeline leak detection specialists are able to find and “hear” the smallest abnormalities and leaks – allowing the pros to not only check out existing leaks as small as a pinhole, but also to analyze systems for signs of potential problems. These might include pipeline wall weaknesses, clogs or blockages, unexpected restrictions, friction areas, along with additional indicators of problems within the system.

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