A Slab Leak Can Damage Your Edmonds Property

Does your property have a concrete slab foundation? If so, you must keep a sharp eye out for signs of foundation leak since undetected, and consequently untreated, slab leakages can cause extensive damage to the property.

Not detecting a slab leak in your Edmonds, WA property can result in:

  • Compromised structural integrity of the building
  • Damaged carpeting and other flooring systems
  • Health problems from damp conditions and mold growth
  • Unpleasant musty odor across the property

Call Leak Masters quickly for slab leak detection services in Edmonds if you observe symptoms like inflated water bills, cracks in flooring, and a moldy basement. These are indications of a foundation leak in your property.

We quickly schedule a visit by our leak detection experts to your property. Our technicians work hard to confirm the leakage and trace it to its exact source. They can also educate you about what causes slab leaks and how you can keep your foundation safe from water damage.

Slab Leak Detection Services for Edmonds Homes & Businesses

Being a customer focused company, we are committed to protecting the best interests of all the home and business owners who call us for slab leak detection services in the Edmonds area. We work hard to ensure that that foundation leak on every job is detected without causing damage to the property.

We use non-invasive techniques to locate leakages and have invested in sophisticated under slab leak detection equipment, such as infrared scanning, ultrasonic technology, tracer gas injection, and analysis.

These tools and technologies are entrusted to the hands of technicians who:

  • Are well-trained in their use
  • Know how to detect a water leak under concrete fast
  • Work quickly and professionally to ensure accurate results

Why Call Us if You Suspect a Foundation Leak in Edmonds?

Quick and correct slab leak detection is critical for preserving the strength and durability of your property. It is only after the precise point of leakage is discovered can you select the right foundation leak repair company to handle the repairs necessary on your property.

Call us for concrete foundation leak detection services in Edmonds if you want assured outcomes with proven methods, and not just guesswork. Turning to us when you find slab leak symptoms is also advisable because of our:

  • Honest work and unbiased suggestions
  • Competitive prices
  • Great customer service
  • Respect for your property and privacy

Trust Leak Masters for professional foundation leak detection services in Edmonds. Call (206) 593-3183.

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