Slab Leak Detection Fife

If you have been noticing high water bills for some time but are unable to find the source of a water leak, then you must get the help of professionals. A professional leak detector will have advanced and hi-tech equipment that can find leaks under the slab, behind the walls, deep down the drains and other places.

Give a call to Leak Masters for any slab leak detection services in Fife, WA. Serving as an established leak detector for years, we have experience with the usual problems associated with underground pipes. If you are unable to detect a leak, look for the following signs:

  • Damp carpet or warped flooring
  • Increase in the water bills
  • Water pooling in unusual places
  • Decrease in water pressure

Early slab leak detection is essential to ensure a quick solution to the problem. Water leaks can be damaging if ignored. We are well equipped with under slab leak detection equipment that enables us to pinpoint the location of the leak and even the complexity of the problem.

Slab Leak Fife

Early slab leak detection is important to avoid structural damage of any kind. Usually such leaks are detected when considerable damage has been done, but to avoid any further deterioration, you must get an expert leak detector to your home immediatedly.

Count on us when you need slab leak detection in Fife, as we know how to detect a water leak under a slab as well as how to find a foundation leak. From our experience of serving as a slab leak detector in Fife, we have seen that the typical causes of leaks under the slab are corroded pipes which are caused by:

  • Ground shifting
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Corrosion of pipes due to electrolysis

We use the latest equipment and techniques to find the cause and location of the leak. After proper analysis, we present the leak report, which homeowners can use as a guide to get the leaks repaired.

Leak Detector Fife

Have a leak detector evaluate your property quickly when you notice any symptoms of a water leak under the slabs. Extensive leakage would result in higher reconstructive costs.

Count on us to be the leak detector in Fife as we:

  • Are well experienced and established
  • Have high quality and advanced equipment
  • Specialize in finding leaks under the slab

Are you looking for a leak detector in Fife? Call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183.

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