Slab Leak Detection University Place

Water or sewer leakage underneath the concrete slab on which a building stands is referred to as slab or foundation leak. A foundation leak can cause damage to the structural parts of an establishment as well as to electrical equipment, drapery, furniture, etc inside it.

As soon as you observe a symptom of a leak, call Leak Masters to carry out slab leak detection at your University Place, WA home or business. Our well-reputed company offers services that combine the best in:

  • Workmanship
  • Work ethics
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Pricing

This is why all the discerning property owners who need slab leak detection services in University Place trust our name. Do not waste your time looking for any other leak detector.

Slab Leak University Place

The very first step of a successful leak repair job is to find out the exact source of the leak. We understand this and therefore make every effort to give you accurate slab leak detection results.

We also understand the value of time when it comes to water damage due to a foundation leak. Delay in the under slab leak detection process may escalate the problem. That is why we use non-conventional, innovative methods to come up with quick answers.

The best way to effectively curb the problem in the initial stages is to call us for slab leak detection on your University Place property when you notice things like:

  • Moisture in the basement
  • Sound of running water even with all faucets off
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Discoloration of water coming out of taps

Leak Detector University Place

If you ever suspect a foundation leak, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Turn off the valve in the line to that area
  • Give a call to an experienced water leak detector
  • Bring in a professional plumber once leak is confirmed

Get started on the right foot by choosing us as the leak detector to work on your University Place property.

Our leak detector process involves the use of advanced diagnostic equipment. By using highly developed devices like ground probing equipment, frequency sensitive computers, infrared thermography camera, etc. our leak detector confirms precisely where the foundation leak is located.

Finding the source of leakage without actually digging up grounds or tearing down structures saves you a lot of time, stress, and money. Therefore, our slab leak detection services assure you of complete peace of mind.

Think of Leak Masters when you need to bring a leak detector to your University Place property. Call (206) 593-3183 to schedule an appointment.

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