A Slab Leak Can Damage Your Lakewood Property

Having slab leaks in your home or commercial property can be an alarming situation. Unlike other common plumbing leakages, a slab or foundation leak needs to be addressed immediately. An untreated foundation leak can, in no time, cause serious property damage in the form of foundation cracks, destroyed carpeting or flooring, a sunken driveway, mold buildup, and more.

The first step towards avoiding the need for leak repair is finding what causes slab leaks and where the leaks start from. This is where Leak Masters steps in. We offer slab leak detection services in the Lakewood, WA area.

The biggest challenge in dealing with foundation leaks is that these problems are not apparent right away. It is up to you, as the property owner, to watch out for slab leak symptoms in your home or business place. Call us for slab leak detection in your Lakewood property when you observe signs like:

  • A damp, moldy basement
  • Low water pressure
  • Hot spots or a crack in slab floor
  • Crack in a concrete wall

Slab Leak Detection Services for Lakewood Homes & Businesses

The reason that property owners dread a foundation leak is not just the destruction that may result from the leakage if the repair is delayed, but also the property damage might occur during slab leak detection.

We are happy to restore your peace of mind by offering our non-invasive methods of slab leak detection in Lakewood homes and business places. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their yard and floors will remain undamaged, as our technicians go about the place to find leaks using the most advanced under slab leak detection equipment, including:

  • Computerized tracer gas analysis
  • Infrared scanning
  • Ultrasonic technology

Our professionals have extensive experience and know how to detect a water leak under concrete with these sophisticated tools/technologies.

Why Call Us if You Suspect a Foundation Leak in Lakewood?

Call us to find the concrete foundation leak in your home or business place if you want the leak detection job to be done by competent professionals who respect you as well as your time, money, and property.

When you suspect a foundation leak in your Lakewood property, give us a call. We offer you a free consultation followed by:

  • Honest advice about the best course of action
  • A free quote for the required leak detection services (no hidden charges)
  • Quick, damage-free, seamless foundation leak detection
  • Friendly, helpful customer service every step of the way

Call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183 for slab or foundation leak detection services in Lakewood.

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