Slab Leak Detection Woodway

Concrete slab leaks are one of the most serious plumbing problems that a property owner can face. This leak is not actually in the foundation slab, but in the water or sewer pipes that run underneath it. Slab leak detection is tricky because the source of leakage is underground and not visible to the eye.

You need to call in a professional leak detector to your property for tracing the issue to its root-cause:

  • Quickly
  • Accurately
  • With minimal yard or flooring damage

Look no further than Leak Masters when you need slab leak detection services in Woodway, WA. Our company specializes in locating hidden leaks on all types of properties. With our leak detector in your home or business, you can go about your work with full assurance that the foundation leak will be found in the shortest time possible and through a systematic process, without resorting to guesswork.

Call now to schedule slab leak detection on your Woodway property.

Slab Leak Woodway

Undetected foundation leaks mean an untreated foundation leak. Delay in slab leak detection on your property translates into considerable water damage throughout the building.

You would do well to ask us to start the leak detector process in your home or commercial establishment upon observing potential signs of leakage such as unreasonably high water bills, discolored/stained floors or walls, persistently damp yard, sound of running water even with all plumbing fixtures turned off, etc.

Do not take such signs lightly and call us immediately for under slab leak detection on your Woodway property. We understand how challenging the job is and make sure that the technicians sent over to serve you have:

  • Relevant training, skills and experience
  • Sophisticated under slab leak detection equipment
  • Commitment to minimizing your hassle and loss

Leak Detector Woodway

We advise home and business owners who suspect foundation leakage on their property to turn off the water mains before giving our leak detector a call. Doing so stops further water damage due to the leaking pipe.

Once we begin the leak detector process on the Woodway property, our customer can leave everything in our hands. We can be trusted for an honest, thorough, and fruitful investigation of the problem.

Our leak detector service involves tried-and-tested techniques and use of specialized equipment such as:

  • Ground probe tools
  • Frequency sensitive computers

Call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183 for the services of our expert leak detector for your Woodway home or business.

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