Slab Leak Redmond

Buildings that are constructed on a concrete slab are vulnerable to damage by leaking underground pipes. In such properties, a foundation leak generally remains hidden for a long time and may have caused a lot of damage by the time it is discovered.

If you have built your property on a concrete foundation, keep a sharp eye out for signs of a leak. Call Leak Masters for slab leak detection in your Redmond, WA area property if you observe:

  • Unexplained hike in water bill
  • The sound of running water even with all faucets off
  • Damp spots on flooring
  • Upward movement in the slab area

Even a small foundation leak can result in extensive property damage if it goes untreated. You owe it to yourself to take slab leak symptoms seriously and call in the best people to locate the leak.

We are the go-to experts for slab leak detection in the Redmond area. Our company specializes in detecting hidden leakages in all types of piping.

Slab Leak Detection Redmond

We offer comprehensive slab leak detection services around Redmond, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our technicians are called in:

  • To locate leaking water or sewer pipes
  • For gas or electric line locating
  • To facilitate the sale or purchase of the property
  • For making property inspections for insurance

No matter what the type or size of the job, we are committed to delivering the most efficient, accurate, and professional services. We employ a highly skilled crew comprising of professionals with vast experience in finding concrete foundation leak.

We use the most advanced technologies to ensure flawless outcomes on every job and have invested in sophisticated under slab leak detection equipment.

Redmond Foundation Leak

Hiring us for foundation leak detection in your Redmond area property means having the best-in-trade technicians working on your job with the finest in tools and techniques. You cannot get services any better than ours!

The best thing about working with us is that our commitment to excellence goes beyond the technical aspect of the slab leak detection job.

Besides ensuring that the foundation leak in your building is found and traced to its exact source, we make sure to:

  • Work fast, avoiding needless letups in the job
  • Use non-intrusive methods; leave your property intact
  • Charge competitive prices, communicated upfront
  • Extend great customer service all the way through

Suspect concrete foundation leak in your Redmond area property? Call Leak Masters immediately. Prompt action can protect your building from substantial damage. Call (206) 593-3183 now!

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