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A Slab Leak Can Damage Your Boise Property

Undetected slab water leaks can cause much more than water damage. They can result in foundation erosion. Keep the structural integrity of your property intact by diagnosing slab water leaks in a timely manner.

Since these leaks often go unnoticed until excessive damage is done, it is essential to call in professionals as soon as you suspect a leak. Watch for the following signs that may indicate a hidden slab water leak:

  • A sudden hike in water bills
  • Water pooling in unusual places
  • Damp carpet or flooring
  • Mold or mildew growth

Leak Masters offers professional slab leak detection services in Boise, WA and its surrounding areas. Our process of slab leak detection uses state-of-the-art leak locating equipment and techniques to identify hidden water leaks below the foundation of your property.

Slab Leak Detection Services for Boise Homes & Businesses

Any hidden leak in your home or property can cause serious problems. Among all the potential leaks, a slab water leak is something that requires prompt, professional attention.

We provide high quality slab leak detection services to Boise homes and businesses. A slab water leak occurs when the utility lines that run through the slab beneath your property cracks or bursts.

Some of the most common causes of slab water leak are:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Improper pipe installation
  • High water pressure
  • Shifting slab

With sophisticated tools and equipment, we can identify leaks with minimal disruption to your home or property. All of our slab leak detection services are performed by highly trained and experienced technicians.

Why Call Us if You Suspect a Foundation Leak in Boise?

A foundation leak left undetected can wreak havoc on your property. Are you wondering how to detect a water leak under concrete? We use advanced leak detection equipment and techniques including ultrasonic technology and infrared detecting equipment to pin-point the location of foundation leak in Boise properties.

Ultrasonic technology enables us to diagnose the foundation leak without excavation, reducing the damage to your property. In addition, our foundation leak detection costs less than finding a leak with a jackhammer first and then having to repair the area.

Below are the benefits of choosing us for foundation leak detection in Boise:

  • Free consultations
  • Accurate results
  • Reasonable rates

To learn about our slab leak detection services for Boise homes and businesses, call Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183.

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