Myth-busting Water Leak Detection

Think you might have a water leak issue in your home or business? If so, it’s important that you enlist a water leak detection specialist as soon as possible. However, there are a few myths floating around that might keep you from obtaining the help you need. Read on as we bust the myths and show you why you need to contact a professional water leak detection company immediately.

Myth #1

Hiring a water leak detection service will destroy my yard

Some people hesitate to hire a water leak detection company because they’re scared to death that their perfectly landscaped yard will end up getting destroyed. But the truth of the matter is this—a water leak detection company that uses the best available technology won’t have to hurt one blade of grass in your yard. Why? Because they use various forms of listening technology such as frequency sensitivity computers and ground probes. Think of it as them putting their ears to the ground and listening really close to find the problem source. Sure it sounds too good to be true, but in this case it really isn’t.  

Myth #2

It’s just a small leak so there’s no hurry

False. This out of sight, out of mind, no rush mentality will only lead to bigger, more costly problems. See, when a leak first begins it doesn’t cause too much damage. In fact, it could go on for years before you notice any signs or symptoms. However, like any illness, the longer you let it go, the more damage will occur. You’ll end up spending thousands of extra dollars a year on your water bill without even realize it. Not to mention, you completely compromise your structural integrity. Water can eat at your home, cracking your foundation and encouraging mold spore growth. Remember, no leak is too small to be found and fixed. Any leak is a bad leak, so find a professional quick for water leak detection services. 

Myth #3

I can easily find the leak myself, so I don’t need a professional

Maybe you really can find your water leak. But odds are it won’t be easy. More likely you’ll be out in your yard for hours, if not days or weeks, shovel in hand, digging multiple trenches as you try to find the problem. Don’t go on a ghost hunt! Water leak detection companies are skilled at nondestructive, quick leak detection. If you do it yourself, you’re wasting a bunch of time and making a huge mess. Which will eventually take more time and money to return to normal. 

Myth #4

Water leak detection companies only help businesses

Sometime homeowners think that water leak detection companies only take on commercial projects. Not the case at all. Anyone who has a potential leak can benefit from calling one of these companies. That means a business owner and home owner alike. Even government officials who think there’s a problem with the municipal water system. 

Water is humankind’s most precious resource. We literally can’t live without it. However, when a pipe begins to leak, our livelihood becomes our enemy. Contact an expert today for water leak detection to keep your water from wasting away into the ground.

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