Leak Detection Service–Seattle, Washington

It is a common myth that you only need a leak detection service Seattle if you have a major water leak and are starting to see significant damage to your building or home. In reality, when you have a major leak and can see exactly where it is coming from, leak detection is pretty obvious.

The time when a leak detection service Seattle is most useful is when you have a small leak that a visual inspection might not necessarily turn up. These small leaks may be causing you to squander money on your water bill every single month as you pay for water that just drips out. Small leaks can also build up dampness in your space over time, potentially creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria.

The experts at Leak Masters use advanced tools such as camera inspections of the water line and infrared inspections to help identify even the smallest of leaks. Their leak detection service Seattle can be used by governments, individuals or landlords to provide important protection from leaks in water lines, behind walls, in pools under concrete or just about anywhere.

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