Leak Detection Seattle Residents Call On

When it comes to a leak detection Seattle area company residents can call on for large or small problems, Leak Masters has been relied on for years. They have provide service that has been unbeaten, and at a reasonable rate, for both residential and commercial property owners. Some of the services include searching for and identifying-

  • Incoming water lines
  • Underground gas pipes
  • Outgoing water lines
  • Sewer and septic lines and tanks

Why Leak Detection Seattle?

Leaks can cause extensive property damage, as well as cost thousands to repair. The monthly costs of water leaking into the ground after being billed to the property owner can add up to hundreds per year.

If there is a pressure change, or drainage problem, you may need to hire the leak detection Seattle services of Leak Masters. Using special cameras and other equipment, they can check the lines without digging, or using any other invasive measures, saving your property from any further damage. It’s important to point out that leaks have been known to erode the soil under buildings, which can be a major expense. Save yourself major costs by having suspected leaks found and repaired before the damage is done.


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