Underground Leak Detection

What is Underground Leak Detection?

Underground water leak detection uses advanced leak locating equipment to detect and diagnose hidden leaks below the surface. Through the use of computers and high tech imaging and listening equipment, we can pinpoint the location of a leak below the surface and diagnose the value and priority of this pipe issue.

Uses of Underground Leak Detection

  • Leaks in water service lines
  • Leaks on buried tanks & drums
  • Leaks from pools or hot tubs
  • Line locations of utilities like water, sewer, electric and gas
  • Leaks in sprinkler and irrigation systems
  • Hidden Leaks under concrete, pavement or in walls

How Does Underground Leak Detection Work?

Trained leak professionals use tools like ultrasonic listening headsets in conjunction with the latest leak detection computers to listen for leaks beneath the surface. Ground microphones with probes and rods can be inserted into the ground to listen for running water and pipe irregularities. When a general leak area is determined, tracer gas can be inserted between two contact points to find the exact leak location, also help determine the severity of the leak. This technology uses an algorithm to pinpoint the leak with sensors on each end of a pipe.

This leak detection equipment is sometimes used in conjunction with infrared technology, providing a picture of the leak below ground. Many types of leaks can be found this way, and often before water is welling up to the surface. The detection systems can display both pinhole leaks and valve leaks, allowing for preventative maintenance and the prioritization of which problems need to be fixed first.

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