Leak Detectors – How Are Leaks Found?

Suspect you have a water leak behind the walls or underneath the ground? If so, thanks to leak detectors, there’s a better way to accurately confirm your suspicions than just tearing or digging right into the problem without the knowing the big picture. Leak detectors use professional diagnostic equipment to not only determine if in fact a leak is present, but also, exactly where it is located. It’s easy to imagine all the trouble this process can save in a typical situation.

How The Leak Detection Process Works…

First things first, if you suspect there’s a leaky pipe behind the walls of your home or business, depending on how bad the suspected leak is, the best thing to do right away is turn off the main water supply before the problem gets worse or causes further damage.

Once immediate action has been taken to secure the suspected leak situation, it’s time to give water leak detectors a call. The leak detection company will schedule an appointment to come to the premises and investigate the problem.

By bringing their professional portable equipment directly to your location, leak detectors are able to find the exact source of a leak in practically no time at all. Using highly specialized listening equipment like frequency sensitive computers and ground probe tools, leak detectors are properly trained to locate water line leaks, leaking pipes, well problems, pool plumbing issues, plumbing that is not working correctly or efficiently, and even sewer line problems.

After the leak detectors find the problem area, it’s just a matter of having a professional plumber (or related contractor) repair the specific issue – rather than having to troubleshoot or replace entire systems. Leak detection is a real lifesaver in this case.

Why Use Leak Detectors First?

One of the primary reasons to hire a leak detector service before doing anything else is to eliminate the guesswork and save costs of trial and error involved with getting to and fixing the leakage. Depending on your unique situation and requirements, the exact location of the leak can even be plotted precisely on a draft or drawing to help a contractor repair the leak without completely opening up a whole wall or breaking unnecessary ground. For example, why remove perfectly good concrete if there’s a good chance the problem is somewhere else altogether.

The thing is, while some leaks and breakages fail suddenly, causing immediate signs of trouble, other times, very small pinhole leaks occur over time. Pipes can become clogged or even fully blocked, causing inefficiencies and wasted energy costs. In any of these cases, leak detectors effectively locate known and unknown problems alike. In fact, for peace of mind, a leak detector company can even be called just to confirm that there are no existing problems.