A Leak Detection Service Knows Just Where To Find The Leaks

If you were to take a quick look at a mechanical blueprint for any modern home or commercial construction project, one thing will be quite evident – the need for a leak detection service is not very surprising at all. Think about it this way – just in an average home alone, there are hundreds of plumbing joints and connections, along with hundreds of feet of piping. Just multiply these figures many times over for a typical commercial structure – it’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

While the goal is to create indefinitely lasting connections and plumbing runs, it’s only inevitable that leaks will happen over time. Having a professional leak detection service to rely on if an emergency occurs is definitely a plus.

Where Do Leaks Occur Most?

Any leak detection service would probably agree that it’s not unusual for leaks to occur in common locations. While certainly not a complete list of situations where leaks will occur, below are a few of the most frequent places where leaks are located:

Main Water Service Lines

The buried section of pipe that establishes the connection from the water service main to a home or business (commonly referred to as a lateral) is likely to develop leakage over time. The combination of high pressure and corrosion that occurs underground tends to be a factor.

Well Water Service Lines

Just like main water service lines, the water connection between residential wells and the home is subjected to a decent potential to leaks or damage over time – leak detection services can let you know exactly where.

Sewer Line Leaks

The lines connecting a residence or business to the main sewer lines often develop leaks and blockages. Especially common with older clay sewer tiles (pipes), tree roots and other forces of nature have a way of damaging the sewer lines over time, even though they’re buried well below the surface. A leak detection service can help with these issues as well.

Pools And Hot Tub Leaks

Would it surprise you that pool circulation systems and hot tub systems are common culprits when it comes to leaking? To make matters even worse, the plumbing systems for these are often well below expensive concrete. An experienced leak detection service will help figure out exactly where the problem is, saving the hassle and expense of tearing up more concrete than absolutely necessary.

Indoor Structure Plumbing

Whether it’s a home or a commercial building, leaks can happen just about anywhere within the walls or flooring; however, pluming failures are most likely to occur in and around bathrooms and kitchens. Leak detection services will be able to find the exact source – whether it’s the water supply line or a problem with the drain pipes.

Radiant Heating Lines

Beneath the floor radiant heating pipes, or in some instances, steam heating pipes, are frequently damaged due to a variety of situations.

Other locations for leakage that are not unusual include outdoor hose connections, lawn sprinkler systems, landscape fountains and other water features, and even natural gas lines (if you smell the strong odor of natural gas, leave the area and call the appropriate utility or emergency response officials right away).

Again, if you’re experiencing a leak of nearly any kind, call an experienced leak detection service as soon as possible.