Who Would Use a Ground Penetrating Radar Service?

A ground penetrating radar service is invaluable when it comes to finding out what is beneath the surface of any plot of land. This could include:

  • Buried tanks
  • Underground utility lines
  • Gas lines
  • Water and sewer pipes
  • Trash and debris buried years ago

Why not use survey and utility maps?

Older maps, especially those made before any ground penetrating radar service was available, can be unreliable. Changes made after the maps were drawn may not have been included, or undetected objects may not be shown.

What else can be underground?

Short of drilling, radar is the best way to find out what type of subsoil there is, whether there are caverns, old wells, or even if the ground itself is stable enough for the planned project. From a backyard pool to a shopping center, the stability of the ground is an important factor that will affect the entire project. In quake prone areas, the detection of fault lines can alter the planned project as well. The use of a ground penetrating radar service can save time, trouble and plenty of money.

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