When to Call in the Leak Detectors

Loss of water pressure for no apparent reason is generally when people call in the leak detectors. However, the truth is that multiple instances can result in the need for these professionals. The following brief article explores the issue.

Time to Place the Call

So when should you give leak detectors a call? Here are a few instances:

  • Before purchasing or leasing a building as part of the inspection
  • Slow draining pipes after clearing the drains could mean a breach in the pipes themselves
  • Loss of pressure in the incoming water could be from small leaks that aren’t apparent
  • Dampness in the walls where plumbing lines are run can be a sign of leakage

Finding leaks in plumbing used to require digging or tearing out walls to expose the pipes, but leak detectors now have specialized equipment to detect even the smallest leaks in pipes both in walls and underground–without causing any cosmetic damage.

Leak Masters has been the industry leader for many years and employs the latest technologies in all aspects of leak detection–both underground and in structural buildings. Water, other utility lines, and heat loss detection can all be performed by the same company. The result? They save you time and money.

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