Water Leak Roundup – September


From the Midwest to the West Coast, September has seen its fair share of water leaks, sinkholes, and leak detection and containment efforts. Here are some of the major stories from Ohio to California.

roosevelt leak

In Ohio, a leak detection expert was brought in and successfully identified three leaks below a street that had caused a sinkhole that partially swallowed a garbage truck earlier in the week. City officials believe the leak has been fixed now.


In San Luis Obispo, California, a water main leak on a street was contained, while down the road in Los Angeles, a much more dangerous water and methane leak was handled by a crew that worked on burning oil wells in Iraq.


In central Illinois, the town of Dawson had to shut off the water for the weekend in order to repair a large leak in a water main underneath a nearby interstate. The village of Dawson made bottled water available for free to the town’s residents, and an outside contractor was hired to fix the water main, as the town didn’t own a backhoe, track hoe or boring machine.

Just some small reminders that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We hope all the affected residents from Los Angeles to Dawson, are able to recover from the issues caused by these leaks quickly!

Image credits: WKBN, ABC 7Springfield Journal-Register