Uses for Ground Penetrating Radar Services

The uses for ground penetrating radar services range from homeowners to major construction projects. The equipment itself is too costly for the average homeowner, especially when it will only be used once or twice. That is why it is best to call in the professionals at Leak Masters.

Homeowner uses

Imagine digging post holes for an outdoor play set, only to have one of them sink into an old well or buried tank after only a few uses. Other than radar, there really is no way to know what all could be lurking beneath the surface of your own backyard. County records and utility maps don’t always show what has been done under the property, since if it isn’t reported, how can it be recorded?

Contractor uses

Construction companies use ground penetrating radar services to determine the stability of the subsoil, as well as any hidden objects or utility lines, whether in service or not. Codes change, and if the property has a long history, there really is no better way to find what is under the surface than by using ground penetrating radar services.

Whether you are a contractor or homeowner—call on Leak Masters to handle all you leak detection needs with ground penetrating radar services!

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