Questions Regarding Underground Leak Detectors in Seattle

Underground leak detectors in Seattle use state of the art equipment to enable them to detect leaks deep underground, where there is normally no visible evidence.

What can cause underground leaks?

Causes of leaks can vary, from construction to the age of the plumbing system itself. Older pipes can corrode, and what starts out as a small pinhole leak can in time become a major disruption in water flow. Ground temperature changes, such as the freezing and thawing with the seasons, can also cause pipes to crack, ever so slightly, over time.

How are these leaks costing people money?

When the water is allowed to run into the ground, even in small amounts, from a leaking pipe, the consumer is paying for water that does not reach the home. Over time these leaks can expand, and cost hundreds every year.

What can I do?

If you suspect a leak, hiring underground leak detectors in Seattle is as simple as contacting Leak Masters.

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