Leak Masters Hired to Inspect 11 Miles of City Water Pipes in Troy, MT

Leak Masters is proud to announce a new project inspecting all water lines for the city of Troy, Montana. The lines run a total of 11 miles and will help the city fix leaks wasting more than 15 million gallons of water per month!

Reprinted from Western News on October 19, 2012:

Work began Thursday morning, prompted by Troy City Council, to help correct the city’s massive water-wastage.

Leak Masters, a Sandpoint, Idaho business, started leak detection on First and Fourth streets in Troy, but will look at all 11 miles of city water pipes before it is through.

The city is wasting more than 15 million gallons of water a month because of leaks.

Brad Jones, Troy’s new administrative assistant, said the first day of leak detection would tell a lot.

“Depending on what we find on the first day, we’ll order pipe,” Jones said.

Mayor Tony Brown expected good estimates by Friday.

TCI, a Libby business, is the likely candidate to fix the leaks once detection is done, although the Council didn’t confirm that at the meeting.

Leaking Pipe Under Highway 2

This pipe was leaking 80 gallons per minute for five years, over 200 million gallons!

Water Pools Under a Leaking Pipe

Water pools under a leaking pipe located during a Leak Masters Survey