Leak Detectors and Detection Methods

 Discovering that you have a leak can be upsetting. Damaged underground pipes can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix. Some of these costs, however, can be diminished by using leak detectors to determine the source of the leak before calling a professional plumber. 

Most leaks can be diagnosed fairly quickly without danger of further damage. There are a number of methods you can use to perform this diagnosis. 

Identifying a Damaged Pipe 

How would you go about finding your leaky pipe? More often than not, homeowners begin digging around their yard, knocking holes through walls, and pulling up floor boards. Quite the destructive course, wouldn’t you say? 

The most difficult of leaks are best found by leak detection services. These companies use leak detectors with ground penetrating radar and other methods to identify damaged pipes. The main benefit? You don’t have to embark on a ghost hunt, damaging everything in your pathway. You will know exactly where the leak is to fix it in the most efficient manner possible.

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