Leak Detection Service for Home Leak Issues

A leak detection service in Seattle will come to your home and help you to identify water leaks so that you can treat the leak at its source. Many water leaks present symptoms- a pool of water on the floor, for example- but do not clearly reveal where they are coming form. A leak detection service Seattle can assist in this situation by using special tools and technologies designed to find the root cause of the leak.

Leak detection can be especially challenging on concrete slabs or when the leak is deep inside the wall or under the floor, such as when there is a leak in the sewer line or in the main water line coming into your home.  Leak Masters specializes in all types of leak detection service Seattle including leaks over concrete slabs and has advanced capabilities in finding difficult leaks thanks to its pioneering use of technology. For instance, leak detection can be more thorough than ever in the past due to infrared inspections and even underground radar surveys when necessary.

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