Leak Detection On A Large 300,000 Square Foot Building

Leak Detection Machine

Leak Masters was hired to do a leak detection on a large 300,000 square foot building. This picture shows the main header line for the potable water coming in thru the building back wall with a large main valve and double check valve connected to it so that a cross connection would not happen and contaminate the system. In this job it was determined that the main line between the building and the pump house that was located 1 mile away did not have a leak. The pressure drop on the system proved to hold for at least 30 minutes. So the problem with the system on the main was found inside of the building. It is important to have a double check back flow preventer on all plumbing as the water from inside of the building can flow back into pump during a bad break in the line and could contaminate the potable water to entire building. All outside faucets have a backflow preventer on them also. A  typical problem in the past was when someone would fill up a bucket of water and say cleaning products or bug spray, they would leave the hose inside of the bucket. If the plumbing broke in the ground outside of the building or at the pump house, the water would flow out of the building and also siphon the water out of the bucket with chemicals and put this water full of pesticides or cleaning products into all of the plumbing. The backflow preventer prevents this from happening as its job is to stop any water flowing out of the building.

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