Leak Detection for Seattle’s Sound Transit U-Link Extension Tunnel

With a high-profile, important project like Seattle’s Sound Transit University Link Extension, engineers want to make sure that all their ducks are in a row- including the ducks that might float along on underground leaks.

The Seattle tunnel project is underway, expected to be completed and open to traffic by 2016

The good news is – they hired Leak Masters to check, and we’ll make sure the pipes around the tunnel won’t leak! We did a check at several contact points along the way – around Seattle Central Community College down to the freeway- before the tunnel was bored. Once the tunnel has been completed we’ll go back in and re-check at several defined points along the new route to ensure no changes have occurred in pipes near the tunnel after its construction.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of the project as we use our tools to safeguard our new tunnel- we’re looking forward to being part of history in the making.

The tunneling machine is almost ready- are we?

Map of the Link Light Rail Extension

Check out this video of the construction of the Link Light Rail:

Photos courtesy of JCM U-LINK and WSDOT.