Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Seattle for Exploring Cemeteries

Perhaps you have heard of ground penetrating radar services. In Seattle, they are extremely useful for mapping out underground systems of all types—especially pipelines and other utilities. But here’s what we are finding—these services are especially useful for exploring cemeteries and mapping out burial plots.

If you think about it, it really does make perfect sense. Who needs to know what lies beneath the surface of the earth more than someone selling burial plots? Yes, typically owners of cemeteries have detailed records of who is buried where—but that’s not always the case. And sometimes those “detailed records” were started long ago and contain errors.

When you’re selling grave plots to grieving families, an error is something you simply cannot afford.

But when you hire a company like Leak Masters for ground penetrating radar services in Seattle, we can ensure that there are no mistakes when selling your plots. No accidentally selling a plot that’s already occupied. And we may even identify some empty spaces that you didn’t realize existed in you cemetery.

It’s a smart move. Give us a call and take advantage of our ground penetrating radar services in Seattle now!

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