Ground Penetrating Radar Service Before and After

There are several reasons homeowners may want to use a ground penetrating radar service, both before and after the purchase of your home.


  • Having the property checked for any underground cavities, tanks, or abandoned wells.
  • Finding out the structure of the soil underneath the property, and whether there are any potential problems for the building that is currently there, or any you may wish to erect in the future.
  • Have an accurate map of what is under the ground, and where. Most survey maps do not include what was never recorded by previous owners of the land.


  • Locating any hidden hazards before a remodeling project.
  • Finding and filling old wells and storage tanks that may not be recorded

A ground penetrating radar service is non-invasive and when used correctly will provide property owners with a complete and detailed map of all the hidden aspects of their property. Keep in mind, buying the needed equipment yourself is not really cost effective and there is still the matter of how to use it properly. Leak Masters has trained professionals to run the equipment and give you an accurate reading of your land.

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