What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar (also known as GPR) is a device that is used for geo-mapping, mining maps, detecting buried objects and much more. It is a revolutionary way of using high frequency microwave radar sound waves, capable of penetrating hard surfaces like concrete, and reading the returned data.

What are the Alternatives to Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar is not the only subsurface detection system available. There are several alternatives that you can use instead of ground penetrating radar services.

Relying on older maps or schematics of the area or buildings is not the most trustworthy system, but it may work (with a few trial and errors.) Many buildings come with some sort of map or blueprints, but the problem with this is that with changes over time, these guides can become useless if they too were not updated.

Many businesses, in the past, would use x-ray equipment. Though this was the standard for awhile, but it is also very limiting because you have to be able to take an x-ray from the bottom as well as the top of the area. However, ground penetrating radar services do not need this type of access in order to work properly.

Other methods used in the past include drilling, and using camera or other equipment. Of course, drilling can be dangerous. Not only is drilling potentially dangerous for the workers, but for the structure and integrity of the area you are drilling. You could actually CAUSE a leak where there wasn’t one if you drill in the wrong area! In addition, drilling leaves holes that have to be repaired, causing more cost in materials and labor hours that many businesses can ill afford.

Why Should You Choose Leak Masters?

Leak Masters only hires the best ground penetrating radar technicians to do their work. They are in areas from Seattle and Tacoma to Idaho and Montana, so no matter which of these areas you are in, Leak Masters has a convenient location. They also have extensive experience using GPR technology, and. they also offer discounted rates for many services. You save time, money, effort and energy in the short term and in the long run.

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