Leak Detection for Insurance Claims

Insurance claims involve an assessment of damage and understanding of liability.

Without an expert it can be difficult to judge the point of origin of a water leak, the extent of the damage, and the duration of the problem.

At Leakmasters we understand the needs of insurance claims adjusters and have experience working with you to process claims.

We use advanced technology such as ground penetrating radar and infrared inspection along with hard work and attention to detail to document everything you need.

All clients receive a timely and detailed report to assess each client’s property individually. For more information contact your Leakmasters professional or read our case studies below.

Leak Detection Services for Insurance Claims & Claims Adjusters:

  • Detailed Reporting Covering:
  • Origination & Cause of Leaks
  • Duration of Leak
  • Documentation of Damaged Areas – both visible and hidden
  • Advanced Leak Detection Tools:
  • Infrared Leak Detection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Pipe Location
  • Moisture Sensing Equipment
  • Ground Probes
  • Leak Detection Computers

Insurance Claim Case Study #1 Seattle, WA


Linoleum has separated from the shower stall by 1/2″.


Leaking Seals Everywhere

This unit had multiple problems including leaks outside of walls, windows, and around different areas of the bathrooms. Seals and weather stripping were cracked and leaking throughout the house causing a different variety of leaks. There was no single point of origination, but a lack of moisture made it clear the leaks were not ongoing when the house was not in use.

 Download the full PDF report here.

Insurance Claim Case Study #2 – Spokane, WA


Garbage disposal with water shooting out of hole in side.

Rotting in the Disposal

This kitchen was damaged due to a leak that originated in the garbage disposal. The unit had rotted through the side and was leaking every time the homeowner used either the sink or the dishwasher. While plumbed correctly, the damage caused was found in the kitchen cabinets, sink, faucet, area, garbage disposal, and dishwasher.

 Download the full PDF report here.

Insurance Claim Case Study #3 – Bellevue, WA

 This nail head was nailed too close to the pipe and is the source of the leak.

The Search for a Pinhole

This residential unit had trouble with water in the basement from an unknown source. Leakmasters was able to trace the source of the water leak to a pinhole leak in a pipe running across the exterior of the house. The leak was small and had only been going for a limited duration, but since the homeowners could not hear it, the damage would have continued and possibly led to extensive repairs.

 Download the full PDF report here.

Insurance Claim Case Study #4 – Kirkland, WA

insurance#4Water spraying directly onto the floor underlayment has caused the floorboards to warp.

A Wobbling Hallway

The entry to the kitchen in this home had an obvious water leak, with waves appearing in the hardwood floor. There did not seem to be a leak from the sink or any appliances, so further investigation was carried out in the basement to locate the source of the leak. Using the infrared camera it was revealed that hot water was continually running underneath the flooring. The hot water heater had to be turned off until the broken pipe could be repaired.

 Download the full PDF report here.

When it comes to insurance adjuster services, Leak Masters fully supports the SeattleTacoma, and Spokane areas of Washington, Coeur d’’Alene and Sandpoint regions of Idaho, along with the Missoula and Great Falls, Montana areas as well. Leak Masters maintains the latest ground penetrating radar equipment, and our highly-trained technicians are expert, professional equipment operators within the field.