Infrared Water Leak Detection Services for Seattle Buildings

All water systems experience water losses at some time and leakage is the most common reason.

With the use of our infrared water leak detection services in Seattle buildings the inordinate amount of time and expense of earlier leak detection methods has been significantly reduced in allowing us to:

  • Detect hidden water leaks in difficult areas without damaging your property
  • Locate moisture below roof and insulation surfaces
  • Inspect pipes and cables located behind walls and under floors
  • Thermally scan for plumbing blockages and water leaks

While a water leak detection camera does not detect actual moisture it does detect thermal differences in a material when there is a presence of moisture. We have experienced tremendous success with the use of thermal imaging leak detection in revealing water leaks in buildings or their components in a non-invasive manner.

Call us today for thermal imaging leak detection services to reduce the risk and damage associated with hidden water leak problems.

How does Infrared Water Leak Detection Work?

The technology of infrared water leak detection services involves the use of a sophisticated infrared thermal imaging camera that is highly sensitive and expensive.

Thermal imaging leak detection services for our Seattle customers basically works as follows:

  • The camera picks up infrared radiation emitted from objects
  • An infrared sensor converts that radiation into a thermal image
  • Color distribution analysis in images highlights thermal differences in buildings
  • Thermal imaging differences can pinpoint location of potential water leak

We are diligent in conducting our thermal imaging leak detection services for buildings in the Seattle area under very specific conditions by taking into consideration, for example, thermal differences that may be affected by the warmth of the sun.

Call us today for professionals that have experience with thermal imaging for water leak detection.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection for Seattle Homes & Businesses

When used properly a thermal imaging camera can provide extremely useful information in Seattle homes and businesses during moisture assessments.

And while using thermal imaging leak detection as a valuable diagnostic tool is not the total solution, it is valuable to home and business owners in preventing serious water damage.

With the use of our infrared water leak detection services we can non-invasively diagnose the location of water leaks with thermal imaging in difficult locations such as:

  • A foundation or slab
  • Roof or insulation surfaces
  • Main water service and well water service lines
  • Gutter systems
  • Blockages in plumbing pipes
  • Sewer line leaks
  • Radiant heating lines

Whether you are experiencing a water leak of any kind, or require leak detection for an insurance claim, call Leak Masters for a trained expert to find the solution to your problem with our infrared water leak detection tools and services. 877-755-7353

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