Infrared Water Leak Detection Newcastle

Getting high water bills even after successful management of water waste? And now you are looking for leaking pipes? Just looking for the leaks yourself is not enough. Water leaks are extremely difficult to find, especially when in walls or in the slab of your home or business. You need the help of professionals.

Leak Masters is the best-known leak detection services in the city and will use infrared water leak detection processes on Newcastle, WA homes or businesses like yours. With modern technologies like infrared water leak detection, we find the minutest leakage in the pipeline and eliminating the chances of unintended water wastage.

Many homeowners have used our infrared water leak detection service around Newcastle and have praised the results. Homeowners prefer infrared leak detection because:

  • It works both inside and outside the premises
  • It helps in identifying the minutest leak
  • Avoiding huge leak repair expenses later

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Newcastle

Water leaks not only make you pay a hefty water bill but also it can cause significant damage to the property. At the first signs of water leakage or dampness in the building, call our thermal imaging leak detection service in the Newcastle area.

Thermal imaging leak detection services are the best way of detecting leaks within the shortest span of time. The process of thermal imaging leak detection uses modern technologies and should be undertaken only by experienced professionals. Our thermal imaging leak detection team is trained in every aspect of thermal imaging leak detection.

Clients prefer our thermal imaging leak detection for:

  • Being non-invasive
  • Accurate leak detection
  • Faster detection even for widespread areas

Newcastle Infrared Water Leak Detection

We have a long list of clients to trust our infrared water leak detection process around the Newcastle area. There are several homeowners who still are unaware of this technique and use outdated methods for leak detection. It is important for you to know how infrared water leak detection technique works.

Infrared leak detection works by:

  • Measuring the temperature of different surfaces
  • Pointing out colder and warmer areas
  • Calculating temperature to detect a leak

Book an appointment with us today and let us solve your water leak issues quickly and with accuracy.

For thermal imaging leak detection in your Newcastle home, reach the experienced infrared water leak detection team of Leak Masters at (206) 593-3183.

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