Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Survey The Sub-Surface With Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Ground penetrating radar services are a huge lifesaver when it comes to locating underground utilities and other buried systems. Used frequently to survey and prepare job sites for construction or repairs involving underground infrastructure, ground penetrating radar (commonly referred to as GPR) is one of the most accurate and least obstructive methods of mapping and marking what lies beneath the surface.


How Does Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Work?

Ground penetrating radar services use specialized mobile equipment to make multiple measured passes over the ground to be surveyed or analyzed. The GPR equipment actually transmits high frequency microwave radar sound waves through the surface of the ground, penetrating the ground up to several feet deep. The sound waves then bounce back to the equipment’s receiver, indicating the depth and density of sub-surface terrain. Trained ground penetrating radar technicians are then able to use the data provided by the system to create detailed drawings or pictures of what lies within the ground.

When Can Ground Penetrating Radar Services Be Used?

Ground penetrating radar services are efficient and effective when it comes to locating and mapping a variety of utilities and objects beneath the surface. GPR can accurately identify underground pipes and cables, storage tanks, cavities and voids, water tables, and even soil types. Archeological projects frequently rely on ground penetrating radar services, thanks to the ability it provides to see what is underground without disrupting any sensitive materials. GPR is also very effective at “seeing” through concrete and locating rebar structure within the concrete itself. Basically, this non-disruptive radar technology is extremely effective in countless construction and engineering applications.

Understanding The Alternative To Ground Penetrating Radar Services

There are alternatives and previously used methods of analyzing or surveying sub-surface terrain; however, they are usually not considered to be as comprehensive as ground penetrating radar service is. For example, scanning the ground with metal detectors is a fine way to locate and plot metal pipes or below the ground boundary markers within the range of the detectors. But this method is only able to hone in on metallic items. On the other hand, ground penetrating radar can identify items and material of nearly any composition. Another method of identifying and locating what is under the surface involves utilizing existing (and often inaccurate) utility maps and surveys. When relying exclusively on these existing resources, breaking ground is the only way to confirm their accuracy. Because digging blindly is expensive and can often be dangerous, it is preferable to analyze the situation before actually breaking the surface. Ground penetrating radar services are the perfect way to accomplish this.

Need Professional GPR Services?

When it comes to ground penetrating radar services, Leak Masters fully supports the Seattle,Tacoma, and Spokane areas of Washington, Coeur d’’Alene and Sandpoint regions of Idaho, along with the Missoula and Great Falls, Montana areas as well. Leak Masters maintains the latest ground penetrating radar equipment, and our highly-trained technicians are expert, professional equipment operators within the field.

Pipe under concrete slab.

Locating an underground tank.

Locating an underground tank.

Four pipes underground.

Four pipes underground.

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