Leak Detection using tracer wires on plastic piping.

Leak Detection using tracer wires on plastic piping.

Tracer wires have been around along time for locating gas lines.  With the advent of plastic plumbing pipes, a tracer wire that is attached to the line and then buried will make your leak detection much more accurate. When installing a new plastic pipe line for your plumbing it is vital to install a tracer wire along with the pipe. The tracer wire is attached to the plumbing line in the ground. With the use of this line we can accurately locate your plumbing pipe. This is used so that if you do get a leak in your plumbing line than we can locate the wire easily. this saves you time and money knowing exactly how and where your plumbing pipe has been run in the ground.

Also if you are going to do any construction of any time in the ground, like a fence post or even dig for a foundation, you would be able to find your plumbing pipe in the ground easily.

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Below is a picture of a plastic pipe inside of another pipe with a blue tracer wire attached to the line, We located this leak using the tracer wire and our leak detection ultra sonic leak detection equipment. This customer used a sleeve around the original plumbing pipe. We found the leak inside of this larger plastic pipe. it made it more difficult as the leak was embedded inside of another line. Using the tracer wire helped reduce the time and energy to locate this leak. We first marked out the ground and then knew exactly where the line was located. Usually the tracer wire thickness is around 14 gauge. Very simple to install and guarantees that we will find your plastic plumbing line under ground.