Infrared Water Leak Detection Services Save

With the use of special infrared water leak detection equipment, ice dams, poorly installed plumbing and pipes that sweat due to age can be easily found–without tearing down walls in the process. Plumbing is an expensive investment, and when installed incorrectly (or if it’s simply too old to be efficient), finding the exact problem area and making the necessary repairs can be far less expensive than tearing out walls and replacing the entire network of pipes. Leaking or sweating pipes can cause mold to grow inside the walls, becoming a potential health hazard, as well as rotting the interior structure of the entire building.

In addition to water leak detection, Leak Masters offers infrared detection for:

  • Energy audits finding waste areas
  • Heat loss and missing insulation
  • Moisture damage
  • Heat loss through roof and window areas
  • Any disruption in systems due to remodeling or major construction

Having a home inspected using infrared water leak detection before considering it for purchase can save you massive work and headaches in the long run, since undetected problems will not be listed in any disclosure statements. For these services, contact Leak Masters today!

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