Galvanized pipe corrosion occurs in areas where the ph or acidity of the water coming thru the lines is higher than normal. If the ph of the water in your area is high and if you do have galvanized piping it can easily corrode the pipe. It generally starts to eat up the pipe itself….



Pipe Leaks In Commercial Business Pipe Leak Piping in a commercial business is similar to piping in residential homes, but one big difference is that the piping is much larger and usually is working with a much higher water pressure. When a pipe breaks and leaks in a commercial business often times the business cannot…



Leak Detection using tracer wires on plastic piping. Tracer wires have been around along time for locating gas lines.  With the advent of plastic plumbing pipes, a tracer wire that is attached to the line and then buried will make your leak detection much more accurate. When installing a new plastic pipe line for your…



Pressure Reducing Valves.    Water leak detection services Water pressure in your plumbing lines to your home or business is a vital part of your plumbing system. To much pressure and your plumbing can spring water leak and cause your laundry machine hoses to break. I have even seen where the dishwasher machine will fail…



It is time to winterize your plumbing. the cold winter months that are approaching bring with it the job of winterizing your plumbing. It is suggested to remove all of your garden hoses from the connections to your home and yard hydrants. The sprinkler systems should also be winterized by blowing our your system with…



Copper and galvanized pipes.These two types of plumbing pipes have been around a long time, they must not be connected directly together. If they do then you may have a situation where electrolysis may develop. This is when one or both of the pipes will become thin and the material that makes up the pipe…



Leak Detection at your home. When checking for a leak on your home you first must turn off your water main inside of your home and then go out to look at the water meter. there will be a small dial, either a star, or a triangle, if this is moving you have a leak…



Water leaks can happen, whether it’s a leak in the plumbing or a leak in the roof. This is especially true in a city like Seattle, where rainfall isn’t exactly an anomaly. Fixing water leaks is something that should never be put off, no matter how small they may appear to be. A small water leak…



The state of California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts on record. While this drought is now entering its fourth year, 2014 has been particularly devastating with over 80% of the state considered to be in “extreme” or “exceptional” drought conditions.. The situation has become so dire, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January,…



Leak Detection Technology Sensus Technology Reduces Leakages and Saves Money at Borough of Monaca In the emerging markets of smart water technology, the Borough of Monaco in Pennsylvania installs this communications network and leak detection system to monitor their community water infrastructure. The system is expected to save millions of gallons in water loss and…