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Leak Masters provides timely, accurate water leak detection, pipe/utility locating and infrared inspection. Utilizing the latest technology, from correlation equipment to infrared surveys, and expertise to see and listen inside your structure to diagnose the areas of concern.

Our Leak Detection Services:

Read more about our leak detection service, the leak detector process we use, our pipeline leak detection, and how we compare to other water leak detection companies.

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Leak Detection for Insurance Claims

We have dedicated information for insurance adjusters needing help with leak detection and inspection. Click here to learn more about our leak detections services for claims adjusters and read past insurance claim case studies.

Fast, Affordable Service Across the Northwest:

Water Leak Detection

Leak locating in water service line, Leak locating in pipes under concrete, Leak locating in service lines well heads to houses.

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GPR is the most viable tool available for these professionals due to its accuracy and ease-of-use for locating problems.

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Infrared Inspection

Structures and buildings can be plagued by problems that are often impossible to by simple visual inspection alone.

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